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The Low Noise Block Downconverter (LNB), receives the RF Signal in either C/Ku or Ka Band from the satellite and Convert it to a L-Band signal for further processing using the satellite modem.

C-Band LNBs / Ku-Band LNBs


Satcom Solutions is proud to offer a huge inventory of C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band LNBs. From single to dual and quad, to single output, we stock any type of LNB any business could need. With over 1,000 satellite LNB's in stock and ready to ship, you can be assured that we have what you need. SATCOM's range of LNB's include Phase Lock Loop (PLL) and External Frequency Input LNB's. We also cater for the low end of the market up to LNBs used in large satellite earth stations.

In order to ensure that our customers receive the best quality product at the best price, we offer the New Japan Radio LNBs that are manufactured to the highest level. If you have any questions about the New Japan Radio products we offer, please contact our professional team today.

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