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VSAT Antennas


VSAT systems (Very-Small-Aperature Terminal) use small (60 cm to 1.2M) to medium size (1.8M to 3.8 M antennas and is used for the following applications: 1) Fixed (permanent) Receive Only or Transmit and Receive Remote terminals used at SMEs and Banks. 2) Mobile Antennas. Fitted on a Vehicle or Trailer for occasional use. 3) Transportable Antennas used for Satellite News Gathering (SNG) purposes and is usually packed in sturdy containers that can be transported on commercial planes to the destination. VSAT's are commonly used to transmit point of sale transactions, Internet, VoIP, cellular backhaul, and broadband data.

SNG Antennas


SNG (Satellite New Gathering) antennas are commonly used for mobile or transportable satellite communication for governments, commercial, private, military, disaster relief organizations, and any type of business that requires reliable, easily accessed broadband data communication. SNG antenna's can be land or vehicle mounted, and can configured fly-away or vehicle mounted in manual or automatic deployable configurations.

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