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Terrasat Communications IBUCs

Founded in 1994, Terrasat Communications was created to enable communications for all. By manufacturing RF solutions that are innovative and ground breaking, many different companies and military operations have turned to Terrasat Communications. They have created ground breaking the Intelligent Block Upconverter (IBUC), to bring superior performance and advanced features for Ka-band, Ku-Band, X-band, and C-band satellite VSATs and earth terminals. Terrasat has been able to stay ahead of the competition by providing reasonable costing products at exceptional value.

Terrasat Communications designs and manufactures innovative RF solutions for Satellite Communications systems. Offering an alternative to the expense and complexity of 70 MHz transceivers - Intelligent Block Up converters (IBUC). The IBUC is a complete line of high performance C and Ku-bands. The BUC and SSPA is combined into a single, compact outdoor enclosure for a simpler, more reliable installation.

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